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What is the role of a Waste Management Company?

If you have ever been out of the United States of America, then we are sure you have a slightly greater appreciation for waste management services. Our country is clean. You do not see garbage and junk all over the place because we care about the environment we live, work, and play in. So, how does all of this garbage and junk get taken care of? 

Waste management refers to the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, or disposal of waste materials, as well as their monitoring. Effective waste management services can save your company money while also helping the environment. Our family owned company prides itself on helping keep our country and your businesses clean and environmentally friendly. 

Some question and wonder where all of this waste goes? How do companies like Ziron Environmental Services manage waste? It is our mission to dispose of waste properly. 

That looks like this: 

  • Recycle: This stream collects all recyclable materials.

  • Waste-to-Energy Facility: These facilities burn your rubbish in extremely high-temperature furnaces, transforming it to clean, renewable energy that is used to power local homes and businesses.

  • Landfill: Any rubbish that cannot be recycled or transformed into energy is taken to a landfill in the area. Landfills may be referred to as “dumps,” but they’re actually high-tech structures meant to keep garbage out of the environment while reducing environmental damage.

Ziron Environmental Services does not take our responsibility of removing waste lightly. This is serious and important work for keeping our country and environment as clean as possible. 

If you have any questions about waste management then give us a call at (708) 757-9601 Our team would be happy to explore how we can help better handle your waste management needs. 


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