Our commitment to the health and safety of each employee, as well as safeguarding others within our work environment, is our top priority. Each new employee is subjected to our intense two week long Health & Safety Training Program, followed by months of "observe and assist" training with a veteran employee. This includes safety reviews, performance inspections, management observations and field exams. During these periods, we have not only the ability to instill our core values of health and safety; we also provide the benefit of using the fundamental and accelerated skills learned while guided by a seasoned professional.

A 40-Hour HazMat OSHA Safety class is required within the first 90 days of employment. This is just another step along the path to safety. Once all the goals are achieved, our employee is ready for the field, though the training never ends. Continued education in the form of safety meetings and classes are required to be attended monthly by every Ziron Environmental Services, Inc. employee.

We believe education is the key to a good Health & Safety Program. The knowledge attained is the most important tool our employees bring to the field. Safety consciousness is one of our top priorities here at Ziron Environmental Services, Inc. and we strive to make sure we instill this responsibility in all of our employees.

Our commitment to health and safety benefits our clients through increased productivity and better cost control. Ziron employees bring this commitment to their workplace each and everyday.

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